Friday, 28 September 2018

Movie Time

In room 3 math, we are learning how to convert digital clock time into 24 hour time.
my group and i shared this presentation and worked out the answer together as a team.
check out our amazing work.

Cross country

Cross country

The school cross country was last friday. Everybody was dressed up all crazy and we all had a good time. We lined up on the hard courts and waited for our turn, time was flying by and it was nearly time or the year 8 girls to start running. Finally it was the year 8 girls turn, we lined up ready to run and we were off!. The year 8 girls had started running the 3 kilometre race, while we were running we all remembered that we were only racing ourselves and to do our personal best. It was great to see all the teachers at each corner cheering us on in there colourful clothes. This year as my last cross country run, i am looking forward to athletes coming up in term 4. Even though i wasn't in the top 10, i’m still proud of myself for finishing the race.

Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Reflection Week 9

What have you accomplished this week, this week sheena and daliz taught me there dance we are doing. I have learnt half of the dance in less than a week. We are doing a samoan dance called mauluulu.

What did you find challenging, The only thing i found challenging was one specific move, after practicing and practicing i got the hang of it pretty quickly.

What has helped you to overcome these challenges, Seeing mereana participating helps me overcome this challenge although me and mereana are not samoan we still give it our best shot and put 100% into our practices.

What would you like to work on next week, i would like to work on my confidence, next week we are showing the whole of team 5 what we have been working on, and my confidence needs a boost up.

Thursday, 6 September 2018

in room 4 maths we are learning about perimeter and area. have a look at my work