Monday, 26 March 2018

Mr Wisemans Maths Problems.

I have $375 in my wallet.
Mum gives me $2 to buy a scratchy.
I get lucky and win $127 on my scratchie.
How much money do I have altogether? 502

At Pt England Primary there are 659 children.
One day we have children 196 from Tamaki Primary
come visit us. How many children are there altogether? 855

I was going on holiday and had $4500 for my trip.
My flights cost me $2842. How much money was I left with f
or my trip? 1658

There are 947 people who work at Sylvia Park Mall.
One day there is a fire drill and 632 people leave the building.
How many people are left at Sylvia park? 315

On my birthday I received $236 from my family in
total and added this to my savings that currently had a
balance of $1254. How much money do I now have in total?

The temperature on Venus is 1683 degrees fahrenheit.
One day the temperature drops 387 degree fahrenheit.
What is the temperature now on Venus? 1295

There were 1693 mls of juice inside the bottle.
Miss Clark drinks 573 mls of juice. How much juice is
left in the bottle? 1120

The oldest cat in the world lived for a total 9463 days.
The oldest fish lived for 3853. What was the difference
in days between how long the cat had lived compared to the
fish? 6410

Friday, 23 March 2018

Letter to Pak n Save Manager

BO pt england road
Pt england
Glen Innes

8 March 2018

Kia ora manager,
My name is jayde, I am a year 8 student at pt england school.
I am writing this letter to explain why plastic bags should be banned from the shops all around Auckland.

One reason why i think you should ban plastic bags is because there single use,
meaning there only used once. People go to pak n save and use a plastic bag to hold there shopping,
but then once they've finished with them they leave them lying around and they go into places they
shouldn’t and then it causes trouble.

Another reason is because the plastic bags are getting into the ocean and it’s killing our marine life,
and our native animals. For example when Turtles see plastic bags they eat them because they think
it’s a jellyfish, jellyfish is the  Turtles favourite thing to eat, and another example a bird might eat a bit
of material, glass and bits of plastic bag because they think it’s food.

My last reason why plastic bags should be banned is because it can harm our health.
A plastic bag can travel a long way and still be in tip top shape, meaning when it finally
gets taken to the dump and gets crushed it makes air pollution and it harms our health and
can make us sick, another way it can make us sick is the fish, we eat fish that have eaten rubbish like
“plastic bags”.

Hopefully from my three ideas i have persuaded you to go along with my plan and ban all the plastic
bags from the shops around Auckland, of course we can still use bags to hold our shopping in but not
plastic, we can use tote bags, that way we can use them over and over again and it won’t cause as
much trouble.