Friday, 3 August 2018

Immersion Assembly

On Monday the 23rd of July we started our first day of term 3. As normal we had an immersion assembly, for this term we are learning about move ya body. This term is going to be an active term, Room 2 is learning how to do tai chi, room 4 has been doing gonoodle witch is an app where you can dance and keep active while having fun at the same time. Each week on Friday we have a team that picks a few students to go up with the the team leader and dance and the whole school dances with them. This week is team 5 we are doing a dance called jump, it is very tiring but it’s all about your attitude and also having fun. Mr Burt and Mr Jacobsen were on the stage dancing, Mr Burt was dressed up as Beyonce, and he was pulling off some smooth moves. By the end of term 3 everybody at pt England school will be nice and fit.

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